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Hungry for a taste of Brazil? Then Vila Brazil is the restaurant for you! Vila Brazil offers a taste of home for those lucky people who grew up with the satisfying flavor of Brazilian cooking. Come to Vila Brazil to enjoy this country’s tender, juicy, mouth-watering meals again and again. Vila Brazil serves churrascaria as its centerpiece fare, and customers rave about the experience!

Afficionados say…

Don’t just take our word for it. Let out customers tell you how they feel about our restaurant. For years we have been building a restaurant that feels like we are feeding our friends and family. Come and be a part of our family.
  •   Until I went to search for this place to review it, I had no idea I was pronouncing and, consequently, spelling the name wrong. I ate here about 48 hours ago at the time of this writing, and apparently I've been telling people the incorrect name of where four of us went to gorge ourselves as we journeyed on a quest for the infamous "meat sweats" phenomenon. Therefore, humble Yelp reader, if you are reading these words, then you already know the name of the place is Vila Brazil. And for anyone else who was misinformed by me during that tumultuous 48-hour window, well, hopefully Yelp's SEO algorithm gets you here and we can all discover how good this place is by its actual name.

    Four of us, all dudes in our 20s or 30s, descended upon Vila Brazil last Friday night in a display of masculine gluttony and irrational decisions. A Fogo-esque place with non-Fogo prices on a Friday night? A salad bar with some different items not typically found at your EG Steakhouses or Texas de Brazils? Xingu beer in ice-cold glasses? It was possibly the longest car ride of all time due to the anticipation and excitement, despite only being about 30 minutes. We parked in the neighboring lot by some trucks and walked up to the corner spot in the strip mall, prepared for mistakes to be made in the pursuit of all-you-can-eat glory.

    After stepping inside, we kind of stood by the abandoned hostess stand until a waiter flagged us down and motioned us to a table. The place was relatively empty, but still kind of crowded. If you read that last sentence and thought "that makes no sense," you're kind of correct - despite the empty tables, the furniture might be a little too close together. I have no idea how the food runners and waitstaff navigate these narrow spaces between tables and chairs, because some of the seats are really, really cozy/cramped. If they took maybe two or three tables away and got some more breathing room in the dining room, it would help.

    We made an obligatory trip through the salad bar to at least create the illusion we might try to eat healthy, but it did not last long. However, our trip through the salad bar was tasty, and when you couple the rice with the house hot sauce, that stuff really comes alive. Having said that, do heed the staff's warning when they say that sauce is really hot. It's a shade duller than construction cone orange, but it will have you wishing your tongue was closed for repairs if you eat too much of it at one time.

    In no time we had our table placard switched from red to green so the parade of meats could begin. We only had one of these placards for the table, and a quick glance around the room indicated that was the norm. Kind of an anomaly depending on if you're on a date and one of you isn't eating while the other is still amassing plates of food, but we kept ours to green most of the night since there was a very real chance one of the four of us would be attempting to eat their weight in garlic beef.

    And oh, that garlic beef was legit. From sausages to bottom sirloin, chicken to a meat I'm not even going to attempt to spell, it was all good. Sure, there was not as much variety as some of the other Brazilian steakhouses you probably know and love, but what we had to try (three and four times apiece) was universally good. By the time the charred pineapple with cinnamon spice came by, I made room in my stomach between the remnants of my last Xingu and the oxygen that was keeping me semi-conscious.

    The team here was awesome, too. The guy that seated us got us started with a smile, and then another waiter took over for our table with an awesome disposition as he hopped from table to table. A waitress made sure our glasses were always filled with a speed and efficiency that made me think she might be part-ninja. The food runners could not have been friendlier. Really, from the general attitudes of everyone under this roof, you cannot help but feel welcomed and in a good mood when you come here. One guy in our group had been here a few times, but those of us who made this our maiden voyage felt like we were already family with the team.

    And truthfully, I'm already anticipating another visit at some point in the future. With a friendly staff, delicious food and a price that smiles favorably on my wallet, Vila Brazil is an easy place to recommend. (Especially now that I know how it is spelled when I'm making that recommendation.)

    thumb Alex S.
  •   Vila Brazil is definately our favorite steakhouse yet! The establishment is very private, always clean, organized, and the staff has always been polite and professional. Its salad bar has great selection in my opinion and the meat, well let me just say OH MY GOD AM I HOOKED! I am satisfied on every visit because the consistency in which the meat is cooked is always the same, seasoning is on point, and the quality is just great! They also have 2 choices for dessert ; flan and they oh so amazing cinnamon pineapple, that thing is to die for. Finally, last night we had the pleasure of meeting the owner and let me just say he is so down to Earth makes me glad to support a family business such as his own. Best spot ever!

    thumb Banesa S.
  •   Craving some Brazilian meat but don't have the budget for Texas de Brazil? Come to Vila Brazil! For half the price of the other restaurants you get a similar experience.

    There aren't quite as many options, but to be honest sometimes it's overwhelming at the other places anyway. There are still many things to try between the salad bar and meats. I enjoyed most of them and got just as stuffed on wonderful food as I would at the other places.

    Service was also great. Our waitress was attentive and they were constantly bringing out food.

    This is a smaller place than the others, but I liked the intimacy. They take reservations (via Open Table), and I would recommend doing so if plan to have a large party or go during a peak time.

    It's worth a try! It may be half the price but it's much more than half the quality!

    thumb Laura B.
  •   I went to the Arlington, Texas location and will definitely be going back .  The food was delicious, the waitstaff is  very professional and friendly.  I have not frequented this type of restaurant because I am not a big meat eater.  No worries, the salad bar is phenomenal.   I think they said over 50 items to choose from.  Next time, I will definitely save room for desert!

    thumb Sheila M.
  •   Absolutely Love this place! Everyone is super nice and helpful, the food is great and the place is cute and cozy. Reasonable prices as well.

    thumb Tiffany G.