Welcome To Vila Brazil Restaurant

Hungry for a taste of Brazil? Then Vila Brazil is the restaurant for you! Vila Brazil offers a taste of home for those lucky people who grew up with the satisfying flavor of Brazilian cooking. Come to Vila Brazil to enjoy this country’s tender, juicy, mouth-watering meals again and again. Vila Brazil serves churrascaria as its centerpiece fare, and customers rave about the experience!

Afficionados say…

Don’t just take our word for it. Let out customers tell you how they feel about our restaurant. For years we have been building a restaurant that feels like we are feeding our friends and family. Come and be a part of our family.
  •   Vila Brazil is definately our favorite steakhouse yet! The establishment is very private, always clean, organized, and the staff has always been polite and professional. Its salad bar has great selection in my opinion and the meat, well let me just say OH MY GOD AM I HOOKED! I am satisfied on every visit because the consistency in which the meat is cooked is always the same, seasoning is on point, and the quality is just great! They also have 2 choices for dessert ; flan and they oh so amazing cinnamon pineapple, that thing is to die for. Finally, last night we had the pleasure of meeting the owner and let me just say he is so down to Earth makes me glad to support a family business such as his own. Best spot ever!

    thumb Banesa S.
  •   To me this meat is the most seasoned and tasty of all the Brazilian steakhouses I've ever been too in Houston and in Dallas. Service is great and servers are super friendly and on their a-game. Completely worth $17 lunch! I love their picanha, garlic beef, and pineapple! All well seasoned and cooked to how you want it, which is not like some of the other Brazil steakhouses I've been too. The salad bar option is pretty small but the meat makes up for it!

    thumb Ely M.
  •   Excellent service!! The food was absolutely amazing. Our plates were never empty!! Service from the point of entering the restaurant to departure was impeccable. Staff were warm and friendly!

    thumb Nelia L.
  •   We came here for my birthday. I was just introduced to brazilian steakhouse when I was in Salt lake city so it was still new for me but I was so excited to try this place when coming back to Texas. It was delicious but there wasn't as much selections as I hoped for and we came here at night. Everyone was very nice so I can't complain about anything. Their desserts on at bar was delicious. If I wasn't so full I would've had more flan. It was really good considering the price and everything.

    thumb Brenda L.
  •   Food - 4/5
    Service - 4/5
    Atmosphere - 2/5

    Endless juicy meat!

    Funds low after dining at Fogo de Chao? A more affordable alternative, Vila Brazil offers juicy cuts of meats with an excellent self-serve side and salad bar without the elaborate service or decor. I went to town on their black beans with pork, mixing it with their veggie rice and scrumptious sautéed mushrooms. So many hot yummy options there, take advantage! Did I mention they also have unlimited pan de queso?

    Of their rotating meats, I love their picaña - so juicy and perfectly seasoned. Not a fan of their pork or ribs, but I was surprised by how incredible their cinnamon-coated grilled pineapple was - AMAZINGLY mouthwatering. Clearly I'm on the pineapple train cause their pineapple juice was also fresh, made in house, and soooooo goood.

    In terms of atmosphere, the location is cramped, trading walking room to maximize seating. As a hungry customer constantly stopping by the salad bar, I had a hard time avoiding collisions with servers, especially in such a dark room. Servers are willing to rearrange tables seating 2-4 to accommodate larger parties. Make a reservation to avoid waiting. I suggest coming ready to eat your weight, especially for brunch - a steal for $16 (weekday lunch)/$26 (weekend) per person!

    thumb Gabriela H.