Welcome To Vila Brazil Restaurant

Hungry for a taste of Brazil? Then Vila Brazil is the restaurant for you! Vila Brazil offers a taste of home for those lucky people who grew up with the satisfying flavor of Brazilian cooking. Come to Vila Brazil to enjoy this country’s tender, juicy, mouth-watering meals again and again. Vila Brazil serves churrascaria as its centerpiece fare, and customers rave about the experience!

Afficionados say…

Don’t just take our word for it. Let out customers tell you how they feel about our restaurant. For years we have been building a restaurant that feels like we are feeding our friends and family. Come and be a part of our family.
  •   It was a good experience!!! Nice cozy atmosphere and the food was better than we expected. We will definitely come back!

    thumb Iris A.
  •   I decided to try this place out for my birthday due to all the good reviews. I called a day in advance to reserve a sitting area as we were a party of 13. As my friends started showing up the waitress/manager stated my reservation was cancelled. Please be mindful that they had seated people from my party! I was confused and asked her why and she stated she had called me and I did not pick up. I did not receive a call from them and I showed her my phone & the call history. I'm sorry, but its not my fault you did not write my number right, the worker should have verified my number! She made it seam as it was my fault. On top of that they seated us in a L shape  (in the corner) were we would have our backs towards each other and also covering the main entrance! We asked to be seated somewhere else and they made everything more complicated than it should of been. Overall the service was bad, but the food was good. The meats were juicy and flavorful but the service took a toll on the night. They did not start us off on a good note.

    thumb Bren O.
  •   As someone who has traveled to Brazil more than once, this place is absolutely wonderful! Very reasonable prices and very authentic! Definitely recommend! Love the fact they have the Brazilian drink Guarana! Makes the whole experience come together!

    thumb Keith D.
  •   Came on with a party on 10 during lunch hour and the staff never even blinked.  Been to plenty of Brazilian Steakhouses, and this one is better than those that are much more expensive.  Would definitely come back again and recommend highly!

    thumb Thomas S.
  •   Awesome place. Reasonably priced and SO MUCH better than the tourist traps like Texas de Brazil.
    This place is very unassuming - but once you taste all of the meats, sides and even the flan, you'll be sold on it.

    thumb Mariana M.